November 15, 2007

ipod Touch

This post is about the ad. I just put on the bottom of the page, for a free ipod touch.
I just want to let everyone know this is not a scam, it really works. All you need to do is complete one offer.( has one for $5) and get 5 friends to do the same and you have your free ipod touch.

The reason I am posting about this is because it is an opportunity to make money. See if you pay your 5 friends the $5 to complete the offer you will be out $30, and then you will be sent your ipod touch. So for $30 you can get a $300 ipod and sell it on ebay or whatever.

I have already done it once, and the link below is to start my second one.

I just ask you to use my link below to get started on making money. :)

P.S you can search YouTube for a news report on these types of reward programs to verify they are legitimate

1 comment:

LEGIT freebies dude! said...

Yup, very legit. That network is the best one too. Good luck!