July 3, 2007

Music and its Impact on Children

Now I am not against freedom of expression or speech. With that being said, I believe that music with adult themes or situations, which in most cases are illegal and or immoral should be kept away from children at all costs. If the child has a poor family structure, I think that the school should be able to take away the inappropriate music. Because the child should not have it in the first place and children with parents who do care what type of music their children hear, should not have to worry that their children are being exposed to vulgar music in a place of education.

Below is a clip of some rap artists saying that it is not there fault, and that rapping about those bad things is perfectly fine.

They seem to blame everyone but themselves...

But the simple matter here is, some children don't have male roll models in their life. So they emulate, and take moral values from these songs. And doing so will only perpetuate violence, gangs and crime. The child will not think... wow he is a CEO, I now want to do good in school so that I can get a degree in business.

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