July 7, 2007

Ethics Question 3

Ok Here is Ethics Question 3

This is a slight change to the train question in ethics question 2... here is your new scenario

You see a train coming down the track, you notice that the track up ahead forks into 3 different paths, the one that goes to the left will go off a cliff and into the ocean, straight will run over the love of you life, and the path to the right would send the train into a minivan that is stuck on the tracks full of kids.

Now for a forth layer of complexity.... Next to you is a very large fat man, who if pushed in front of the train would derail the train from going to any of the three different routes.

As last time the train cannot stop in time, and the kids in the minivan cannot get out in time as well. If the train is derailed the people in the train will only get hurt and the train will stop before it gets to the fork in the track.

Let me know what you would do, and in a few days I will post what I would do :)

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