June 15, 2007

Immigration question

This is out of the norm for my posts, but in light of recent political tensions I thought it would be nice to post a poll on what you think should be done about this issue.

I am by no means a big policy buff or know what is best for our country.
With that being said.....from my point of view (California resident that works in a hospital) I don't think it is possible to kick every illegal out of the country, and I don't think giving amnesty to those who broke the law is right either.

The current bill would allow the illegals to bring their extended family with them to the USA. This would bring about 40 million foreign nationals to our country, if the estimated 12 million undocumented illegals bring only 3 people into the USA. But the bill would allow not just wife and children, but brothers, sisters, cousins, and in-laws to come on over. So the 40 million could be alot higher.

Now this is what I think should happen.
1. All illegals must get tamper proof I.D card to let government know who they are.
2. Must learn English
3. Must pay fine for breaking law
4. Cases will be reviewed on case-by-case basis, and if you break the law while being here illegally you can not stay.
5. Must work, cannot use welfare
6. 700 mile fence on U.S Mexico border

Let me know what you think should be done about this growing problem.
Also there is a poll on my page, so go ahead and vote on the options.

FYI...my wife is half-Hispanic
Just look at the slide show at bottom of page if you don't believe me :)

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